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Uncle Finneys Poker - Details

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Published by: Live Player Games
Stage: Released
Category: Card Games
Game type: Based on client
Registered Members: 1-500
Timing: Real time
Round length: n/a
Graphic: 2d
Prizes: No
Pricing scheme: n/a
Last update: 2018-05-05 07:46:06

Uncle Finneys is a two player, head-to-head poker contest for your Android device, that enables players to bet and win Ether (ETH).

Uncle Finney's Poker is a head-to-head, two player poker game for your Android device.

Unlike many other poker apps, Uncle Finney's Poker doesn't deal in fake coins that have no real value. Instead, players bet, win and lose Ether (ETH), an exciting cryptocurrency that has real world value.
Uncle Finney's Poker is NOT an online casino! You don't need to buy chips, open an account, or entrust a 3rd party with your money. Uncle Finney's Poker does not hold your bets or take a 'house cut'.

Instead, bets are deposited, held and paid to the winner by an independent Ethereum smart-contract that charges a tiny escrow fee.


on 31-07-2017 by Unknown
Love that this game uses Ether Crypto. I don't trust online casinos and I don't like to provide credit cards. This is a plain & simple 5-card stud head-to-head poker game, You play with strangers -- the game is and many of them are novices. I'm not a particularly good at poker, but even I could win...


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