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Miniconomy - Details

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Published by: Trade Games International bv
Stage: Released
Category: Business Games
Game type: Based on Browser
Registered Members: 10000+
Timing: Real time
Round length: One to 3 months
Graphic: Text-based
Prizes: Yes
Pricing scheme: Free (Optional Premium account)
Last update: 2015-08-11 07:08:37

Miniconomy is a full-featured multiplayer webbased online trade game. Play with and against thousands of other people from all over the world for free.

Register now in one of the new international virtual cities to get access to the worlds best free online trade game. Specialize in production, own a fleet of cars and boats, build a warehouse and a chain of shops. Mine gold, ore, oil or clay. Be a lumberjack and saw trees to timber. Whatever you choose, you can develop special skills. You can also build a bank or a harbour and provide services to your local community. Be an officer a teacher, mayor or priest. You can build a club and lead your own community within the community. You can even get elected in parliament and change the rules or even change the system of government.


on 10-11-2014 by Unknown

on 18-07-2010 by Unknown
A very interesting game for those that are interested in the financial world. Definitely something that will get your brain raking.

on 25-01-2010 by Unknown
this is so different, try it


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