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Medieval Europe - Details

Rating: 4/5 Based on (14 votes)

This game is available in the following languages: English Italian German French Portuguese Bulgarian Czech Russian 

Published by: Dynamo Productions
Stage: Released
Category: Strategy Games
Game type: Based on browser
Registered Members: 1001-5000
Timing: Real time
Round length: Infinite
Graphic: 2d
Prizes: No
Pricing scheme: Buyable In-game bonuses
Last update: 2018-05-06 08:10:31

In this game you will enjoy a unique adventure and experience life in the European Dark Ages were conflict was rife, and the Pope and Church were very powerful and highly influential.

Are you are ready to immerse yourself in this alluring world and choose your calling? You have the option to either become an enterprising merchant or a courageous commander or a far-sighted governor or better still you are the architect of your destiny.

Travel to Europe in search of glory on the battlefields or devise dangerous plots in the diplomatic world in court; transport your precious merchandise to new and flourishing markets and increment your wealth; troops of mercenaries are ready to serve those who they can benefit most from; if you manage to accumulate enough possessions, become the owner of a significant and extensive estate, and serve thy Master, you might eventually be rewarded with an noble title.

Who knows... One fine day you might also be remembered as The Magnificent One...


on 14-12-2015 by Unknown
ottimo gioco di ruolo

on 04-12-2015 by Unknown

on 16-11-2015 by Unknown

on 08-09-2013 by Unknown
The game it is a bit difficult at the beginning but once understood it's really intriguing. There is a very helpful community and newbies are helped a lot.

Administrators listen to players suggestion and it is possible to vote proposed changes and get them developed.

on 12-01-2011 by Unknown
great game


26 Dec, 2014 - Release Native Rebellions

Milan, December 26th 2014
The strategy game Medieval Europe has today launched a new release - v. - Native Rebellions

The Release introduces two new important features that will change war planning strategies and an expansion of the Ward...

21 Sep, 2014 - New Rules for Writing State Laws

Milan, September 21, 2014

The strategy game Medieval Europe has today launched a new release - v.

The release introduces new rules for writing state laws and includes the corresponding changes to the Arrest, Restrain and Imprison ...

01 Aug, 2014 - Release 2.8.6 - Patriarchal Religion

We would like to announce that release 2.8.6 has been installed. The release adds the Patriarchal Religion. Religion's headquarters are in Kiev and its Leader is Vladimir Chesirev.

Its sacred texts can be viewed here.

17 Jul, 2014 - Release 2.8.5 - New premium bonus

Release 2.8.5, installed today,  introduces the following new features:

- New premium bonus: Professional Desk;
- New premium bonus: Automatic Sleep;
- Two new government positions.

Professional Desk

The bonus allows you to save yo...

16 Jun, 2014 - Release 2.8.4 - Duels

Medieval Europe, a role play game set in Medieval times has been just updated with Release 2.8.4 - Duels.

Players can challenge each others to duels, gaining or losing Honor Points and trying to be Great Champion Duelist.

A new feature loot has...