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Last update: 2015-08-22 22:15:52

Legend Arena is a clan based game with a large basis on teamwork!

Legend Arena is a clan based game with a large basis on teamwork! You have the choice of whether to join an existing clan (which is advisable if you are new to the game) or to create your own and strive to dominate the round.

When you first arrive to this world it may get a little overwhelming. This is understandable as there are many choices to make, but there are help files and helpful players there for you to get you started.
You should choose how to proceed. Play as a individual for personal glory or be a warpoints king and help take your clan to the top. Choose your playing style then when you earn them put your attribute points on the following: Strength, Agility, Life or Endurance.

Then there are your skill points. These aim towards a numbers of things, like battle based ones (critical hit, alchemist & block) then there is stealth (the amount you can steal from enemies) luck, (for those gamblers amongst you) fishing, (increase the amount of fish you can catch) mining, (increase the amount of ore you get from the mines). Or maybe you want a high income?Either way it is your choice to make.

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