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Stage: Released
Category: Car Games
Game type: Based on Browser
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Timing: n/a
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Graphic: 2d
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Last update: 2015-08-21 10:26:37

The free car game Garbage Garage lets you develop your junkyard step by step and become a true car-aficionado in the process.

The free car game Garbage Garage lets you develop your junkyard step by step and become a true car-aficionado in the process. No matter how beat up the vehicles that are dropped off at your workshop: you'll manage to salvage useful spare parts from even the most battered ones of the lot, which you'll then sell to make money. Later on, you even may build new cars, as one of the game's many special features allows you to construct your own personal vehicles from the parts you manage to salvage from the wrecked cars you dismantle.

The garage game
Garbage Garage offers you diverse gameplay-features. You'll start off as humble amateur mechanic and learn your trade from the scratch. The better your skills, the faster you'll manage to level up.

Free car game experiences with our garage game
Your exceptional skills in running your own Garbage Garage are sure to spread like wildfire pretty soon and will attract additional clients.
What's more, the variety of vehicles that are delivered to your junkyard as the garbage game progresses will broaden also.

Among those you'll find cars and trucks just as much as motor boats, helicopters, airplanes and even tanks, rockets and spaceships. Of course you'll be able to combine parts from these different vehicles as the game progresses and create your own personal motorized masterpieces. Garbage Garage belongs to the genre of free car games.

Garbage Garage - gaming fun for browser gamers of all ages
As browser game, GarbageGarage can be played directly in your browser - no downloads or installations necessary. To be able to play along for free, all you need is a working internet-connection and an activated email-address - and you are good to go in our garage game. While most free car games tend to revolve entirely around the topic of ""racing games"", GarbageGarage manages to combine several elements of the genre in a most entertaining and thrilling manner. Thus, the garbage game presents its users an exciting mixture of strategy game and salvage yard simulation and has managed to attract a wide audience already. Garbage Garage truly fascinates players of all ages - and it's safe to say that thanks to its unique and comprehensive concept as well as its convincing game mechanics, GarbageGarage is sure to satisfy browser gamers on all accounts.



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