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State of Crime - Details

Rating: 4/5 Based on (3 votes)

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Published by: eXtremeCast Games
Stage: Released
Category: Mafia Games
Game type: Based on Browser
Registered Members: 1-500
Timing: Real time
Round length: Infinite
Graphic: Text-based
Prizes: No
Pricing scheme: Buyable In-game bonuses
Last update: 2015-08-11 07:08:37

Centuries ago a legend was invented, forgery, fraud, coercion, wealth, greed, war gave it the power to dominate the world. It's been centuries since the legend, it is time once again for the legend to come back to us. Could the legend foretold be you?


on 02-06-2011 by Unknown
gangstabighouse is fun. i never wrote a review for a game until today. i wrote a long one on another site 5 minutes ago so im to lazy to o another one now. this game rocks. it's not a clone like the other ones i've been playing. i finally tried it to get my friend his referral turns. i should have tried it two years ago when he told me about it the first time! i think it's a really complete game and can't say enough about it. check it out.


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