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Relics of Avabur - Details

Rating: 2/5 Based on (3 votes)

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Category: Role Play Games
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Last update: 2016-01-21 08:03:02

Relics of Avabur is a text-based browser game that takes place in a fantasy setting. Your journey begins in The Glendell Glade, fighting off the monsters that started to show up four days ago.


on 03-01-2017 by Unknown
Game started out fun, been playing since February of 2016.
Recently tho, my account was banned due to “cross trading”
something that is stated in the rules as being allowed.
I received zero warnings, nothing to indicate that my account was in trouble.
After spending money on the game, the admins refuse to even respond to messages about their vague policies that contradict one another.
Just another game where all the devs care about is $$$


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