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1000 A.D. Game - Details

Rating: 4/5 Based on (3 votes)

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Published by: n/a
Stage: Released
Category: Strategy Games
Game type: Based on Browser
Registered Members: 1-500
Timing: Ticks/Turns
Round length: One to 3 months
Graphic: Text-based
Prizes: No
Pricing scheme: Free
Last update: 2015-08-11 07:08:37

New 1000 AD is a FREE game. Welcome to the ultimate, action packed catastrophically destructive battle field. Make a foolproof military plan to go on battle, defeat your opponents, and lead some of the renowned famous civilizations of the medieval era.

Strategize your game to ensure victory. With your strategic thinking and diplomatic skills, you can build alliances by teaming up with the best players and bring down your opponents civilization in minutes. Itís time you create history.

Formulate a foolproof plan in this online war game. For glory in the battle arena you need to buckle up and upgrade your game every time you fight. You can build a strong army and attack other empires to conquer lands. Furthermore you can wisely lead a medieval civilization and turn it into a top empire. Erase your opponents from the world map by using historical battalions of catapults.


on 15-12-2013 by Unknown
I love this game! It's seriously the best. It's a bit of a steep learning curve at first, but once you figure it out it's soooo fun! I love attacking people and totally destroying them!

on 14-04-2013 by Unknown
Super addicting game, one of the best out there! Once you learn the game it is super fun and the community is so dedicated and involved, it's awesome!


15 Dec, 2013 - New Round started!

New 1000 AD Game round started today! Get in on the action now before your enemies get strong! Play now while you are still on equal footing with everyone.