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Konoro Kingdom - Details

Rating: 4/5 Based on (37 votes)

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Published by: Konoro Games
Stage: Alpha
Category: Other
Game type: Based on Browser
Registered Members: 1001-5000
Timing: Real time
Round length: 6 to 12 months
Graphic: 2d
Prizes: No
Pricing scheme: Free
Last update: 2015-08-11 07:08:37

You start off with a single settlement. Explore around you, build up resources and buildings. Train armies, attack or defend your neighbours, join a clan, grow your kingdom.


on 12-03-2010 by Unknown
Great city game, exploration thrown into the mix as well :)

on 29-01-2010 by Unknown
Great new building, strategy, clan, war game - still in development, but very playable with new features being added as you play. Developers also welsome suggestions!

on 07-12-2009 by Unknown
Takes so long!!!!!

on 22-11-2009 by Unknown
nice game

on 21-11-2009 by Unknown
just started playing so far a nice game.

on 13-11-2009 by Unknown
Once you get going - it's very addictive! Certainly keeps the grey matter working! Best game I've played.

on 09-11-2009 by Unknown
Despite still being in the Alpha testing stages, the game has a lot to offer. The game's graphics and user interface are uniquely stylised and the functionality of the game itself is brilliant but simple. Recent updates include even more offensive units researched at the war academy as well as more detailed graphics for buildings at the beginning this autumn. On top of that, an upcoming update within the game boasts linear quests similar to those in much more advanced games like WoW, which will allow players to learn how to play the game in a more structured manner, whilst keeping the simple layout of browser based mmporgs.

The player count rises every day, and the game recently exceeded 1000 players, impressive for a game at this stage in development and a positive sign for things to come. Get signed up, you're guaranteed a challenge and by the time the game reaches final release, and even beta testing, it is sure to have evolved into something truly unique and entertaining.

on 07-11-2009 by Unknown
Awesome game

on 07-11-2009 by Unknown
Very well developed despite still being in Alpha testing, join!


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