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Footballidentity - Details

Rating: 5/5 Based on (3 votes)

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Published by: n/a
Stage: n/a
Category: Football and Sport Games
Game type: Based on Browser
Registered Members: n/a
Timing: n/a
Round length: n/a
Graphic: n/a
Prizes: n/a
Pricing scheme: n/a
Last update: 2015-08-11 07:08:37

Footballidentity is the first ever online footballworld where Managers, Footballers and Journalists are all characters controlled by other users and where all matches are played in a turn-based (!) footballgame. Strategical knowledge and teamwork is key!


on 07-01-2010 by Unknown
Wonderful game! The first game ever that makes you feel like a real football player. At the same time that you want to perform well against other team and their users you don't want to fail your own team mates by playing poorly. :)

on 15-12-2009 by Unknown
A site for footballs fans around the whole world. There is passion in footballidentity. You get to know new people and cooperate with each other, also there is rivalry between teams and players which make the more exciting game.
// Ajoty


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