Taking control of an existing listing

Top PBBG is an online directory of web games that lists games that can be played online. Owners can ask to players to vote for the game thus pushing up the rankings and gain more traffic.

Taking control of an existing listing

If you are the owner of a game that you see listed and would like to take control of it, you should do two simple things:

1) To confirm you are the real owner of the game you must create a file named top-pbbg.txt with the content: OK and place it in the root of your website. It should be accessible for example at the following location:


In alternative you can open the ticket from a mail owned by the game domain, for example if the game is located at www.medieval-europe.eu, you cam open a ticket from the email: [email protected]

2) Open a ticket on the following support site specifying:

- Email address where you would like to receive the login and new password
- The listing ID of the game you would like to take control of.

You can find the listing ID by placing the cursor on the Game Name in the Rankings page.

For example, if you place your cursor on the game Medieval Europe you will see the following link:


The listing ID of this game wiil be: dynamoproductions

Once you have control over your listing you should remove immediately the file from your site to avoid someone else to get control of your listing.