Medieval Europe - Release 2.8.5 - New premium bonus

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Release 2.8.5 - New premium bonus

Published by Medieval Europe on 2014-07-17 09:59:20
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Professional desk and automated sleep

Release 2.8.5, installed today,  introduces the following new features:

- New premium bonus: Professional Desk;
- New premium bonus: Automatic Sleep;
- Two new government positions.

Professional Desk

The bonus allows you to save your important emails in a personal library so that they will never be erased. With the Professional Desk bonus you can also search through the emails by Author or for Subject.

Automatic Sleep

The bonus will allow your character, once he completes an action, to eat and rest automatically by using an optimized algorithm. No longer you will need to connect to rest your character and you will find him/her fully rested!

New Government positions

The Director of Academy may appoint an Assistant, as well as the Head Trainer may appoint an Assistant Trainer.

Medieval europe is a role playing game set in the Middle Ages and is published by Dynamo Productions.